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Snapshot Process



Snapshot Process | 31 January, 2003

We have a customer who is going to be using the new Snapshot process. Has anyone used this process all ready. Who did you use to make the tooling etc. Was there any problems that arose during this process.

The process involves screening balls into solder paste which remain spherical after reflow. A metalised plastic shield with oval holes that correspond to the location of the spheres is then pressed into the card. The oval holes "clip" over the spheres (which are screened onto a ground plane) giving a secure electrical contact. The beauty of these shields is that they are easily removed for rework. I have a small presentation video available if anyone wants a swatch.

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Snapshot Process | 31 January, 2003


Wow, I can't imagine what's going on here. The balls are obviously high temp stuff.

Email me a site to look:

YiE, DDave

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Snapshot Process | 3 February, 2003

You mean something like stainless steel balls? I'm racking my brain I seem to remember once doing a job for a customer that involved standing clips being SMT mounted, that a heat sheild clipped onto. Another customer used a "fence" around a bunch of components for the same purpose. Made reworking some components a real bear. Another customer used some SMT steel loops that were test points. With these placement being a hair off or the test points floating wasn't an issue. Would it be an issue if the balls floated around a bit in the oven? I've never seen parts placed using a screen. Do you do this before placement of the other components?


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