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X-Ray Inspection for BGA, CSP etc.



X-Ray Inspection for BGA, CSP etc. | 9 February, 2003

What are the key features that I need to know when evaluating an X-Ray Inspection Machine?

Thanks for your feedback

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X-Ray Inspection for BGA, CSP etc. | 10 February, 2003

For manual X-ray systems: Kv power to start off with. Depending on what type of components you have to X-ray, you may be ok w/ just a 90Kv system, for example. Its not all about Kv though. With most systems you can adjust to quantity of X-rays you are firing. If you plan to X-ray large heavily metalized and ceramic BGA devices you'll need more Kv.

The next is imaging and magnification. If you plan to X-ray small CSP and Flip-Chip devices you'll need a system with fine imaging and true mag up to like 650x. Be careful as some mfg.s include pixel zooming in their magnification specs. Be sure to learn the "true imaging" mag. Image train focal spot size and field of view are important as well in how many features you will see and the resolution.

Next is manipulation. Some systems have a 5 axis manipulator. These are good for failure analysis. However, most BGA analysis and measurements are done on a flat plane.

Software and ease of use are important, if you wish to delegate X-ray inspections to floor operators. Some systems are a bit tricky and can only really be effectively run by engineers.

I recommend you check out the various X-ray mfgs. and go out and see some equipment. The mfg.s can host you at one of their demo facilities or a local customer to image your boards and let you test drive the unit.

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X-Ray Inspection for BGA, CSP etc. | 10 February, 2003

Hey Nice Write Up,

Running after his message

Apex out in CA is coming in ??March (I'm to lazy to go and get the brochure) (Yet you can do a web hit on it

Nepcon East in Boston is coming in June

And there are other shows where you can see all the nifty nifty XRay stuff.

I agree it all depends on your particular board, the BGA and CSPs you will use, volume, money to buy etc.

Also check out the Auction Houses like Butcher and Dove

Good Luck

YiEng, DDave

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