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ESD Safe Flooring Systems


ESD Safe Flooring Systems | 10 February, 2003


We are looking at new/used buildings and are faced with decisions regarding what type of flooring to have installed. I know a little about epoxy, vinyl tiles, rubber, paint and plain old ESD wax on concrete but don't want to re-invent the wheel when evaluating what to select. We are a CM and have no special needs other than meeting ANSI 20.20 and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Does anyone know of an impartial (haha) study conducted that compares some or all of the flooring systems I listed above? Also, anyone who is using something besides wax on concrete, please let me know how it's worked out good or bad.

Many thanks.

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ESD Safe Flooring Systems | 10 February, 2003


I am in favor of the best money can buy tiles, and everything including an ESD officier and training for everyone. Long term less money is spent and ESD protection is kept high continually. Boy do I have stories like the cleaning guys who put on non conductive wax on a beautiful floor, and, and.

Of course I have often worked with products that require this level of protection, yours might not.

Get ahold of the ANSI/ESD Association standard. One I am looking at, as I type, is S20.20-1999.

One of the horror stories I know of was on a concrete floor in a rented building that had previously been used by some company that used chemicals. What the business was escapes me right now. Even though the floor was cleaned really well before the conductive epoxy was put down the concrete, which is porous, continually would let those chemicals back on up and you would have ESD breaks.

So what ever you do hire a good contractor, company or consultant that can make your cheap alternative be reliable from now, the winter, through the entire seasons.

Hopefully you are going to add Humidity.

YiEng DDave

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ESD Safe Flooring Systems | 11 February, 2003

I never could understand anyone investing lots of money on tile,epoxy or rubber flooring when they simply rent the building. If you own it, well thats a different story. The above esd products are expensive yet extremely durable. If your going to rent and the floor is concrete, simply seal the floor if necessary and paint it. Paints are extremely durable and hold up to the most rigid environment. If your not sure that the floor has already been sealed, then simply pour a cup of water in different areas. If the puddle is gone in a very short period of time then you must seal the floor. Once painted you can use an esd wax. Always consult with the manufacturer or a knowledgable distributor regarding paints and waxes. Good Luck!!!

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ESD Safe Flooring Systems | 11 February, 2003

I agree with Dave, If you want to achieve S 20.20 you need the best. We were certified last year and due to the support we got from our vendor to guide us through what to do and not do as well as their ongoing training we passed first round.

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