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solder preforms

Shawn Mavity


solder preforms | 8 August, 2000

I am looking for a supplier that I could by approximatly 7000 preformed solder rings from that will make it cost effective. We need to different sizes and so far the quotes that I have recieved are some what out of the price range to make it an option to use them. We need something in a SN 60/40 ring with inside diameters of .175 IN and .134 IN and core diameter of .040 to .050. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: solder preforms | 8 August, 2000

Shawn: You're correct most solder preform manufactures don't want to sell preforms without skinning you alive for tooling charges!!!

Considering alternatives, can you print or dispense paste? It would be mucho cheaper. We've talked about using paste in through hole applications before on SMTnet. There's a bunch of good information in the archives!!!

If you truly are just doing a few boards, just get a hand dispenser (like a caulking gun) and squirt some paste on the pins you want to reflow and git goin'!!! Blank them solder preform not suppliers!!!

Good luck

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