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SMT Process Training

P Lee


SMT Process Training | 19 February, 2003

Can anyone share their knowledge on any SMT training program available in the pacific northwest area or anyhere within Canada.

I like to upgrade my skills and knowledge in Advanced training in SMT processes, Through-hole trouble shooting and hands-on, manual assembly process and automation..etc.

Rgds, Peter

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SMT Process Training | 20 February, 2003

I went through EMPF's two week SMT boot camp a few years back. I got a lot of good info out of the course. They are in Philly right next to the airport so our travel expenses were reasonable.

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SMT Process Training | 21 February, 2003


I see David F already gave you some good sources, most of which I recognize. There are or used to be somemore even in your neck of the woods so keep on checking. SMT Plus rings a bell in my head, and check the magazines on the web like Circuitry, Circuits Assembly, Electronic Packaging and Production, SMT and a few more.

I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have a University out where you are in the Oregon area or South Washington area that doesn't have such a program. And yes Over on the Canadian side there has got to be a lot of training considering the Hong Kong migration.

Good Luck

YiEng MA/NY DDave

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SMT Process Training | 21 February, 2003

Technology keeps changin' and you need to keep on upgradin'. Lucky are those who work in a company that acquires advance equipment and technology yearly or everytime they are available, they are called the trend setters. Training coupled with hands-on experience provides a person the SKILLS and you need continues hands-on not just once or twice. What you learned today and if you haven't got the resources to apply them now will be forgotten tomorrow...and tomorrow will be a new day for another technology.

just some thoughts,

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