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PCB Bake



PCB Bake | 5 March, 2003

Currently, my company's applies a PCB bake (5 hours @ 125C) for all SMT PCB's prior to surface mount assembly. Many of us believe this is a non-value added activity, and have concluded it can be eliminated. With today's PCB process controls coupled with dry packing or vacuum sealing the PCB's when shipped, the bake could be eliminated. Doe anyone out there have information in the form of engineering white papers, articles, etc. that will provide adequate data to support the hypothesis. Please advise.

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PCB Bake | 5 March, 2003


I think this is an unnecessary activity, but it may depend on your RH. We are in the Spokane, WA area, and the RH avg year round is about 25-30%. We have never baked our PCBs in the 9 years I've been here across 800+ varieties, including FR4, GTEK, and Rogers substrate PCBs. We do not have Customer complaints that involve PCB level issues, either OBD or latent field failures, so I think that's at least a pretty good subjective measure.


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PCB Bake | 5 March, 2003


Just a few notes below on this forum the same thing was discussed. It probably would have been better to update that note rather than start a new tread. Hey it makes it easier for all or us and YOU.

Check the note out, and also check the archives.

I think I already wrote this, yet PCB Baking should only be on rare occasions when an oops happens that causes really crappy soldering results, pops, vocanoes, and hole voids. Other than that your soldering results should be just perfect due to other controls, manufacture, storage, etc.

If I was your quality guy I would have you prove to me you have your act together, had adequate controls in place, demonstrated continual runs of acceptable/good soldering and then YOU ARE APPROVED until you goof again. No white paper is really needed, unless you would like to pay me or someone to find one or write one.

As for that Washington guy, I think he is in the high desert area so the environmentals for him might not apply to you. It was a nice place. After I post I will see if I remembered right

YiEng, MA/NY MrDave

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