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Solder reclamation

Kevin Facinelli


Solder reclamation | 6 March, 2003

I am interested in your experience with dross reclamation equipment. What percent solder can be recovered? Who makes a good system?



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Solder reclamation | 6 March, 2003

Go to

for the Cookson Electronics Equipment- Electrovert- Integrated Dross Management System

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Solder reclamation | 7 March, 2003

Technical Devices Also has a nice machine. Please goto

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Solder reclamation | 10 March, 2003


The Technical Devices Machine, the EVS is a stand alone system that can reclaim up to 75% of the dross weight as usable solder. It has a much more proven history than the Electrovert add on, as well as being lower priced. The Technical Devices website has an interactive ROI to use if you are interested.

You may also want to visit . This is the same machine that Technical Devices sells in the US and Canada.

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Solder reclamation | 11 October, 2004

Hi Kevin

Please also see my website

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