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IPC-9850 | 6 March, 2003

Hello Mike, The IPC has recently released a specification (IPC-9850) that characterizes the performance of placement machines. The process is very similar to the process you describe (placing parts on a glass plate and measuring the results). The IPC process requires the use of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). How does the process you propose differ?

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IPC-9850 | 6 March, 2003

Hello gregp, IPC released 9850 on October 22, 2002 after the industry came together to standardize a method to determine placement capability as it relates to placement speed. As I'm sure you are aware, the standard gives placement machine manufacturers the tools necessary to evaluate and compare placement capability and equipment throughput while on a level playing field. Although the 9850 methodology is comprehensive in its evaluation, it lacks diagnostic capabilities needed to fix and optimize equipment. Furthermore, the data collection and manipulation process to get relevant output is arduous and expensive as it takes considerable measurement time and engineering expertise for data evaluation. It requires capital CMM investment, and can risk subjective interpretation of results. The CmController we offer the industry is an independent and objective mobile system used to determine machine and process capability on all manufacturers of equipment. The most significant difference in our offering from that of 9850 is that our system can not only measure and optimize placement equipment, but also printers, dispensers, stencil manufacturing equipment, laser labeling machines, die bonders, photo plotters, PCB drilling machines and others under development such as reflow ovens, and selective soldering systems. We also have the capability to execute the 9850 test methodology using our system which will make it easier for manufacturers and customers to evaluate and certify their systems. The comprehensive system software outputs immediate statistical results on machine performance which makes it quick to use considering other alternatives. Let me know if you require additional assistance. Thanks!

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