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8 way 1606 resister arrays



8 way 1606 resister arrays | 21 March, 2003

Has anyone had success in soldering these devices, in particular devices from a company callede Pycomp. They are 8 way 0402 sized terminations. I have experemented with the printing process, placement verification & reflow profile. Unfortuanlty, I am still getting non wetting issues on the devices. I am usin a simultaneous double sided reflow process, and these devices are on the base side. The devices are specified for a lead free aplication, my reflwo temperature is no where near the specified 245 degrees. When condtions are favourable, they solder very well. However, I have a 45% pass rate currently, and I am looking to talk to people about how they have implemented this part into their SMD process. Your help would be appreciated.

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