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Surfacemount Can Capacitors

Kevin Facinelli


Surfacemount Can Capacitors | 7 April, 2003

We have a client we would like to have switch from leaded can components to surface mount versions. We currently are utilizing these on a number of designs but his concern is in the area of reliability of the solder interface. The caps generally have very low mass. One example of a part is

Nichicon UUA1H101MNR1GS This part has a case size of 10 x10, 5000 hours, higher imped/lower ripple Leaded part was 10x12.5 case size , 3000 hours

Can someone point me to where I can get some information on reliability? or just your opinion would be appreciated



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Surfacemount Can Capacitors | 7 April, 2003

You will not see any reduction in quality. Some of the only reasons to hold off on converting to SMD packaging is Cost and availability. The cost normally runs about 30% more and the lead times are about 2 times as long for SMD. For that reason you would only switch if it were cost effective. ( Why change to SMD if you have other TH components on the board? ) As far as high-impedance/low ripple current or low-impedance/high ripple current, everything should be available in SMD for a price. Heres a list of possible sources for parts and/or information:

BC Components (847) 296-9988

Illinois Capacitor Inc. (847) 675-1760

JARO Components Inc. (561) 241-6700

NIC Components Corp. (516) 396-7500

Tecate Industries Inc. (858) 513-2300

United Chemi-Con Inc. (847) 675-2000

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Jon Fox


Surfacemount Can Capacitors | 7 April, 2003

I remember an issue that we had with some SMD AEC's in the not too distant past. They had a thermal barrier that our reflow oven surpassed, not allowing us to run them through reflow. We ended up having to hand solder them in place post reflow. We went back to TH on the next run. (They would seperate from their base)

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