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Wave or Infared Soldering

Kevin Hamby


Wave or Infared Soldering | 31 July, 2000

We are looking for a small wave or infared solder station to solder 4" X 8" flat, thru hole circuit boards, in small qty's. Do you have any suggestions?

Sincerely, Kevin Hamby V.P. Tech. Engineering/Sales

Intech Assembly Solutions 54900 Pine Crest Ave. (Shipping) P.O. Box 885 (Mailing) Idyllwild, CA 92549 Phone: (909) 659-5092 (909) 390-2500, I'm at these phones all week. Fax: (909) 659-5812 (909) 390-2513 Email: Website:

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Re: Wave or Infared Soldering | 7 August, 2000

Kevin - Technical Devices Co. makes a table top wave station that should fit your needs. Their # is 310-618-8437. or try -Claudine

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