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Solder paste softener



Solder paste softener | 15 April, 2003

Why is it people still prefer to do manual stirring of solder paste versus automated solder paste softener ? I learned that one of the dis-advantage of using the softener is that this method is actually seperating the metal and flux. Is there any other reason ?

Input is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Solder paste softener | 16 April, 2003

Hi,what exactly means automated solder paste softener? Explain me please and I promise to try answer you correctly.

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Solder paste softener | 18 April, 2003

Under web search you type solder paste softener. It is meant to replace manual stiring process of solder paste prior use. I heard that the spinner/softener is no use as it will seperate the flux and metal content during the spinning process. But, I have seen more and more of this type of machine is being introduce lately. I just want to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of using this.

thank you..


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Solder paste softener | 19 April, 2003


In a previous life, I used a mixer made by Malcolm and was very happy with it. We used Alpha 609 WS paste and experienced no separation problems.

The Malcolm equipment agitated the material in a non-concentric motion which tends to "fold" the paste. One of the benefits of using this equipment was that we could take a jar of paste from the refrigerator and mix it for 15 minutes bringing it to room temp very quickly. It takes a couple of process steps out of the hands of the operator (bring to RT and hand mixing) which is always a good thing.

I wish I had one now. You may want to check with your paste manufacturer to see if they have an opinion one way or the other.

Good Luck,


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Solder paste softener | 27 April, 2004

Since you have used malcom softener, did you encounter and sudden rise of void level in the solder joints as compared to manual stirring?

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Solder paste softener | 17 May, 2004

Or is solder quality better with automated mixing?

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Solder paste softener | 17 May, 2004

Agree with Joe 100%, we recently brought one in from Malcolm for trial, this company had not practiced viscosity reading or anything in the process, the trail run was a great improvement in print, consistancy, deposition and formation of the solder brick, this enhances placement consistancy as well. solder yields at AOI got much better also, you should still monitor temperature and viscosity. needless to say, we purchase within a week...oh, we also use the (indium) much talked about paste....

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