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Update (No Tech Content)



Update (No Tech Content) | 17 April, 2003

Hello All- Sorry this is not a technical issue, but I wanted to thank the SMTnet forum and those who expresessed concern during my job search.

I am working!!!

I will be responsible for generating business for CTDI ( large private Engineering, repair, and manufacturing company for the Telecommunications industry.

Again Thanks to all.

Cal Driscoll

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Update (No Tech Content) | 17 April, 2003

Great!! glad to hear it. (Shouldn't you be working)

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Update (No Tech Content) | 17 April, 2003

Good news. Bet your wife is glad to get you out of the house!!!

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Update (No Tech Content) | 17 April, 2003

Congrats! That's great news!

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Update (No Tech Content) | 23 April, 2003

Hi Cal, you may want to help others, still looking for jobs, where to look, what turns perspective employers On or Off and how old you supposed to be. Nevertheless, I'm glad for you.

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Update (No Tech Content) | 24 April, 2003

Stefan- This is the hardest time I have had finding a job. 85% of my response has been through my network of contacts. My current position I had been working on for 4 months. Advise- Utilize all of your contacts be it industry, church, neighbors, or friends. Once you have informaed your contacts of your situation, continue to follow up with them (I did it every 3-4 weeks). I identified companies I wanted to work with and kept digging for information...from reps, industry associations (IPC, SMTA, and such. this gave me the opportunity to know what companies were looking for and I catered my resume to their needs. One of my biggest tools was the local library where they have resources that were incrdible. lucky for me I have a good library available. I did not know the power of this until I started looking for a job.


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Update (No Tech Content) | 30 April, 2003

Good for You! and best Wishes ahead of your new career!

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