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enviroment for best working


enviroment for best working | 23 April, 2003

Anyone could help me about what it's the best enviroment conditions (humidyti, temperature, antistatics...)for a new emplacement in a new factory? Now, we are moving to a new place, like a very big factory, and I try to adapter the best enviroment conditions in this type of place, It's possible?? Are there any reference??

Thank very much.....

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enviroment for best working | 23 April, 2003

If it is a very large factory you are doomed! You will never get the enviroment right someone is always going to be too cold, to hot, to muggy, to loud, I personally like the temp at about 72 F , humidity about 15% (ESD or MSD? which flavor do you want to take care of?), and Loud Rock music blasting throughout the factory. Unfortunately these conditions don't exist. I know this is of no help but as we speak I have people coming in to my office whining about temp. so I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to vent.


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enviroment for best working | 23 April, 2003

We divide our operations, repair, and office facilities into work area classifications, each with its own set of requirements and necessary control to meet the requirements of our procedure. The requirements are in the areas of: * Air Quality * Lighting * Cleanroom garments * Personnel * Food, beverage, tobacco * Facility in terms of: design, construction, access, and particulate control * Equipment * Noise * Sanitation * Refuse disposal * Specified areas

In the assembly area, we use: * ANSI/J-STD-001 control limits of 18-30�C, 30-70%RH. * Electrostatic discharge control program according to ANSI/ESD S20-20. * Lighting to comply with OSHA Standard 29CFR1910.178. * Maximum noise limit of 90 dBa per 8 hour or 115 dBa per 15 minutes maximum interval.

Local requirements would take precidence, of course.

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