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SMT Quality Standards (Where, Who, What)



SMT Quality Standards (Where, Who, What) | 23 April, 2003


This is a question for those of you who actually assemble components onto a board. Any idea what the "industry standard" is for the necessary First Time Pass Rate of products I should aim to? On pre-tested assemblies, should you expect to find defects in 1, 5, 0.55% of your assemblies? What's a common percent? If I find that 10 of out 100 tested need minor rework to function properly, is that high or about right?

(It would be also be of great help if someone knows of some industry standards for each process in an SMT manufacturing line, cheers.)

Thanks very much


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SMT Quality Standards (Where, Who, What) | 23 April, 2003

There are no standards, nor should there be. Why would you want assess the quality requirements for an underhood product upon a company that makes talking furballs?

We find that for the largest part, the approach taken by the rocket scientist that designed the board determines the quality of the board. We love those rocket scientists, don't we?

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SMT Quality Standards (Where, Who, What) | 23 April, 2003

Hi Phil,

There isn't one answer to your question.

When dealing with really difficult assemblies that are pushing the process 50% might be considered OK. When dealing with run of the mill I personally would shoot for 98% or far better with a fast up curve to 100% even at low volume.

From experience I believe that for common stuff most would shoot for the high 90 percentiles. The higher the volume the higher the yield plans.

YiEng, MA/NY DDave

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