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Vacuum Sealers


Vacuum Sealers | 23 April, 2003

Hello all, It's been about 5 or 6 years since I've visited this site. I used to contribute quite often. However, 4 moves (and states) in 5 years can be taxing. I have found my way back, though. I am in need of info regarding industrial heat vacuum sealers. We have an AmeriVacs model and it sucks (not in the right way, though :)). I am looking for at least 21" of hot bar. Does anyone have any good recommendations, by way of current use of a good model, or through past experience, or even salesmen!! I'm all ears.

Thanks, Jason Gregory SMT Production Supervisor IPT Product Team Leader LaBarge Inc. (918)459-2367

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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

Welcome back Jason.

We like AmeriVacs. Could your sealer be out of adjustment [or whipped]?

For suggestions contact: Francois Monettet; Cogiscan Inc.; W: 450-534-2644; . Francois participates in this forum [he's probably just napping right now and hasn't responded], understands sealing plastic bags, and certainly would have good insights.

Sealer companies are: * AIE 1-800-SEALERS * Tech NA Seal 718-241-8080 * PACTECH 716-458-8008 * Accu-Seal 11125-B Flintkote Ave San Diego, CA 92121 800-452-6040 619-452-1010 FAX 558-1152 * SECO (Gramatech) 6909 East Washington Blvd Mantebello, CA 90640 323-726-9721 Fax 9776 * Vertrod 2037 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234-3299 718-241-8080 Fax: 531-0061

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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

Thanks Dave,

great info! I will be looking into your recommendations. Our AmeriVacs unit is lacking in the robust design department as far as I'm concerned. I don't like the pliable rubber sealers. They deform too much.

Jason Gregory

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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

Our Amerivacs is not a "pliable rubber sealer".

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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

What I meant is the gray rubber seals, top and bottom, that are pliable to allow the SS nozzle to slip back out and still provide sealing, deform too much and "squish" out to the sides.


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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

Hi Jason,

Welcome back to SMTnet.

I just wanted to clarify one important detail relative to dry packing Moisture Sensitive Devices. Contrary to popular belief, it not necessary to use vacuum when sealing Moisure Barrier Bags. A simple heat seal with the proper amount of desiccant is sufficient. If you do use vacuum, make sure it is set at a low level because otherwise it can create other problems. Currently there is no specific guideline identified in the joint IPC/JEDEC standard but this will probably be added in the next revision J-STD-033B.

If you want more information about specific vendors of bag sealing equipement you can contact me offline.


Francois Monette Tel : 450-534-2644

P.S. Dave, thanks for waking me up from my Easter nap...

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Vacuum Sealers | 24 April, 2003

Thanks Francois,

unfortunately, I have no choice but to vacuum seal these bags. These "units" being sealed are going to a sub-contractor, and ultimately to the US government. It is a customer requirement. We've been messing with this AmeriVacs unit for a couple of days now and it's going close to nowhere.

Jason Gregory

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