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Rework station evaluation



Rework station evaluation | 29 July, 2000

Hi guys,

Did any one do evaluation between SRT summit 1100 and Freedom HGR2000 rework station? Hope I can share some experience about advantage and defect of these two product.

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Re: Rework station evaluation | 1 August, 2000

I have evaluated SRT, Air-Vac and Conceptronic rework stations. All three machines offer great BGA and Micro BGA rework capability. But the one I have preferred is the Conceptronic Freedom 2000, as a matter of fact I have purchased two freedom 2000 in two different contract manufactures and just placed a P.O. on a freedom 3000 rework station in a different contract manufacturer. The Conceptronic offers a great IR preheating system in combination with the full force convection top and bottom heaters. What this means you can really place large boards and or thick boards without having to worry about preheating the board. It has really made my job really easy implementing BGA rework using the Conceptronic rework station. And believe me I am not getting no commission on this..

Good luck..

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