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Visual Fail / No Pick


Visual Fail / No Pick | 29 April, 2003

Does anyone have any figures on visual fail / no pick? our machine records this but no one has been recording the machine and it's been running since we've had it (a good few years). I am currently assuming it's about 0.2/0.3% but this is a (not very educated in the smt world) guess!


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Visual Fail / No Pick | 30 April, 2003

You did not tell us which brand machines you are using. I do assume that you mean the feeder position recognition of the Siemens machine. Did you ever re-teach the fiducial # 250 and 251? Can you narrow your problem down to some particular feeders?

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Visual Fail / No Pick | 1 May, 2003

I use my pick-n-place data to identify feeder problems and vision algorithms that need tweaking. Over a period of time you may be able to get a feel for shrinkage. I have been using 2% for tape and reel parts and 1% for tray and belt (tube) parts.

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