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Void in CSP



Void in CSP | 7 May, 2003

Hi all Are there any advice pls. let me know. Our customer Void spec. at BGA and CSP is less than 10%. Usually we found void defect at BGA and CSP component around 2-3 % but sone lot the defect rate is up to 18%. I have read some input from this web but still need your help as question below. 1. What is the effect of Nitogent to percent void ? (now I am using nitorgen) 2. What the effect of peak temperature / preheat time to void ? 3. Are there any effect if the percent void higher thab 10 % ? 4. Are there any peper about effect of void and how can I get it ? If any body know the source of paper or DOE on this issue pls. kindly let me know.

Thanks very much for your help.. Pon

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Void in CSP | 7 May, 2003

Here's some papers: * �Voiding Of Lead-Free Soldering At Microvia�; Dr. Hyoryoon Jo, B. Nieman, and Dr. N.C. Lee Indium Corporation of America; SMTA International; 09/22/2002 * �Solder Joint Formation With Sn-Ag-Cu And Sn-Pb Solder Balls And Pastes�; Polina Snugovsky et al. Celestica International Inc.; SMTA International; 09/22/2002 * �Evaluating The Effects Of Reflow Profile Control On Solder Joint Quality And Reliability�; John L. Evans and Greg Jones Auburn University; SMTA International; 09/22/2002 * �Process Capability, Wetting Behavior And Temperature Dependent Shear Strength Of Alternative Lead Free Solder Joints�; Th. Herzog , S. Rudolph, and K.-J. Wolter Dresden University of Tech.; SMTA International; 09/22/2002

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