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Austin American Microjet Users


Austin American Microjet Users | 4 June, 2003

I may have the oppurtunity to purchase a AAT Microjet machine with the Mach II drying capability. I like the theoretical cleaning/drying capability and power consumption advantages this machine could give us. The relative small footprint is also a plus. As the machine is used and in storage, I won't have the benefit of doing buyoff testing.

My experience with in-line machines is limited to Trek (Triton IV) and Electrovert (aquastorm) having success and failure with both. The equipment would be used strictly for an OA chemistry and would be expected to clean under 0.8mm pitch BGAs.

I'd like to hear from anyone with experience with this machine.


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Austin American Microjet Users | 4 June, 2003

You may have answered your own question. CHEMISTRY, CHEMISTRY, CHEMISTRY depending on what type and whos product will work differently for each machine and Board geometry.

I would ask Kyzen, Pertoferm, Zestron, and Aqueous Tech (all Chemistry manufacturers) for recomendations on machines and specs.

Some people have gone the route to Vapor degreasing.

Back when the VOC phase out was going on (9-11 years ago) AAT was a big player in the transition, but not much has been heard from them in a few years.

Another Machine manufacturer to think about is Technical Devices (

Cal Communications Test Design, Inc.

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Austin American Microjet Users | 4 June, 2003


Thanks for the input. When I said chemistry I was refering to soldering chemistry and not cleaning. I believe this machine has the capability to incorporate a saponifier but would prefer not to run in this manner. Running a closed loop DI recirc system and using chemistry can be mutually exclusive as I understand it. The vast majority of our production is garden variety, easy to clean boards.

Even though I'd like to be able to clean under BGAs inline without a saponifier, I do understand the benefits of doing so (reducing water's surface tension). We have vapor degreasing and batch cleaning (with chems)capability that would serve as my backup plan if an inline system does not perform well for the limited volume of BGAs we process (whew).

At any rate, I understand your point and appreciate the input.

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