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BGA Moisture Absorption


BGA Moisture Absorption | 18 June, 2003

Do BGA packages absorb moisture to a great extent if kept exposed to an atmosphere of 300C and 60% relative humidity overnight? Should they be backed before reuse. How long can they be kept exposed without the requirement of baking. Are there any specks available on the moisture sensitivity of BGAs

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BGA Moisture Absorption | 19 June, 2003

Recommend you consult device mfg.'s data sheet or their customer support line to confirm from engineering. I think you mean't 30 C, not 300 C, because the device will likely be toast at 300 C.

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BGA Moisture Absorption | 24 June, 2003

The moisture sensetive bags that carry your BGAs will have the specs in regards to your baking cycles.But definetly you have to bake the BGAs if its been stored at 60% humidity.Normally the shop floor area should not be at such higher humidity.You can control it by dehumidifier or by Air Conditioning.


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