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SMT machines obsolescence


SMT machines obsolescence | 26 June, 2003

I am looking for information about SMT machines obsolescence face to new types of components packaging like BGA�s and flip chips 0201 chips and others. I want to begin a study about industry trends that will help us to define what kind of equipment to use in the future..

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SMT machines obsolescence | 27 June, 2003

You should also look at the Semiconductor assembly side as well. Datacon and others are working hard to knock down the barriers between SMT and Semi.

Also look at process obsolescence! Flip chip has been around for year but has not made it into mainstream manufacturing due to process issues.

MEMS and Photonics are two areas getting attention. Most Pick and Place machines can not process these components. Mems because the pick and place function is to hard and damages the component. With Photonics placing is ok but requires a lot of hand work for alignment. having a photonics machine Align on the fly is key.

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