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Package Dimensions

Charlie Finke


Package Dimensions | 27 June, 2003

Does anyone know of a good web site that lists general package dimensions for various SMT device sizes, like 1206, etc.?

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Package Dimensions | 27 June, 2003

Charlie- You answered your own question...1206, 0201, 0603, 0805, 0402 are all the package dimensions.

In addition Here is a generic link from practical components that list most package sizes, feeder size, tape type...

Page 50-51 are the pages yer looking for.

Regards, Cal Driscoll Communications Test Design, Inc

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Package Dimensions | 30 June, 2003

I don't know of any web sites but Practical components has quite a few packages listed in their catalog, IPC 782 also has some of this information. But if you are looking for chip components the "1206" is the actual size this part is .12 L x .06 in width Hence "1206". an 0603 is .06 by .03 etc... But here is the fun part. These are in inches and sometimes parts come in metric SO, a 1206 can also be called a 3216 (3.2mm X 1.6mm)and so forth. It gets really bad when you are trying to figure out IC terminology such as SOP SOW SSOP TSOP TSSOP SOIC QSOP VSOP. From what I think I have found these are not standard terms and each supplier and /or cad person appears to use their own.


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Package Dimensions | 1 July, 2003

actually, component sellers will have their own respective catalogue with all the available sizes used in their industrial business. Try your local "Rohm/Murata" sales-rep. for starters in the realm of chip components.

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Package Dimensions | 7 July, 2003

Do a google search on whatever package your looking for and you'll get plenty of hits.

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