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Ersa Reflow


Ersa Reflow | 9 July, 2003

Is anybody using Ersa reflow ovens out there? If so Does it do the job well?

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Ersa Reflow | 17 July, 2003

We use Ersa (Hotflow 9) reflow ovens. Yes, so for, they make a very good job.

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Ersa Reflow | 25 July, 2003


If you are considering ERSA equipment, we have a 2001 ERSA Versaflow High Speed Selective Solder Machine for sale. Please contact me at or call me at 704-795-6610 Ext 13 if you would like details. Also, please visit our website at to see if there is other equipment you are interested in.


Bill Morgan Recon Inc

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