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UIC Radial Inserter



UIC Radial Inserter | 10 July, 2003

We have here a Radial inserter with 80 stations sequencer. We want to reduce that to 20 stations, so remove 3 banks on the sequencer. How can we change the configuration ? Is there dip swichts or something in the excutive to change ?

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UIC Radial Inserter | 11 July, 2003

Marcel, Reconfiguring your machine from 80 to 20 stations is quite easy. In the sequencer portion of your machine, it has it's own I/O box. in it, there's the MIT card, location (1). The bit switches are there to inform the controller in the inserter how big it is, and what to control. Remove all the stations, and remove the nessesary chain. Remove the MIT card, location (1) in sequencer portion of machine, behind inserter on right right, knee high. With the MIT board in hand, and gold fingers pointing down, there are 3 bit switchs arrays, red in color.The bit switch on right, IC 34 it's called is the switch of concern only, with 7 little switches that are selectable. Switches 1,2,& 3 should be on,(1) position. Switches 4,5,6,7 in off position. Assemble machine completely and reload machine executive to ensure proper operation. Any addition needs or concerns I can reached at the number below. Best Regards, Dan Chretien Southwest Automation Consultants, Flagstaff AZ 928-522-6209

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UIC Radial Inserter | 11 July, 2003

Dan- Quality Reply....thanks


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