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ALIVH PCB | 22 July, 2003

Are there existing acceptability dedicated criteria for ALIVH bare boards? (Equivalent to IPC-A-600) In particular, how can we assess copper foil cracking after thermal stress?

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ALIVH PCB | 22 July, 2003

Any-Layer Interstitial [Inner] Via Hole (ALIVH). In printed circuit board fabrication, a registered mark of Matsushita Electric for a filled microvia structure in all layers for applications requiring small-size, lightweight build-up PWB to achieve high-density mounting and free pattern design.

We know of nothing dedicated to ALIVH boards. We'd be suprised if there ever was a 'standard' that applies to a proprietary product similar to this product. Why doesn't A-600 apply? Isn't 'foil cracking''foil cracking'?

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