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Cleaning | 23 July, 2003


I was wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions for cleaning populated pcbs that have been contaminated with salty sea water . There is alot of evidence of white residues and salt deposits on the pcb's. I've tried putting them through our in line/batch cleaning systems which both use solvents, and we have also tried manual cleaning using IPA at room temperature. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Cleaning | 23 July, 2003


You might try marine products such as 'Salt Away' or 'Salt Terminator'. These are made to get rid of salt residue in marine engines used in saltwater applications and are not harmful to standard wiring. They are available at marine stores along both coasts.


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Cleaning | 29 July, 2003

Dear adam

Sounds to me like it may not be Salt water contamination or even flux residue's, as both of these are commonly cleaned semi aqueosly or with IPA. Have you considered it may be Talcum powder used as fillers in solder resist, mineral salts otherwise called. These will only be readily soluble in a mineral acid. Very common place over here but frequently blamed on No Clean fluxes Best of luck Greg York BLT

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