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Glue Head


Glue Head | 19 July, 2000

hey, what the relationship between needle gauge and inside diameter

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Re: Glue Head | 20 July, 2000

Hi Dave The larger the gage number the smaller the inner diameter. There is a nice chart relating color code, gage, ID and OD in the EFD Catalog. They don't list a web address but their phone is 800/556-3484. Email me if a fax copy would help John Thorup

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Re: Glue Head | 25 July, 2000

Thanks John. You�re correct. I�ve seen tables like that. poorly stated, what I was wondering was: * Is there a calculation that relates the gauge and the inner diameter ... OR * Is that relationship similar to wire gauge and wire diameter.

I think the latter.

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Re: Glue Head | 26 July, 2000

yeah, stands to reason it wouldn't be that simple. The latter seems to be the case with the common theme being "arbitrary". Have a look at the link below. I hope it helps. John Thorup

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Lee Kibler


Re: Glue Head | 26 July, 2000


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