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FUJI Tech. Support Policy Change



FUJI Tech. Support Policy Change | 7 August, 2003

I'm very interested to hear from other Fuji users. Has anyone else received notification that Fuji will not support machines any more unless a "startupA" fee is paid? What's next? Is this worldwide or only here in the US?

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Chip Shooter


FUJI Tech. Support Policy Change | 8 August, 2003

Not yet in Sweden but I would not be surprised...

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Scott Wischoffer


FUJI Tech. Support Policy Change | 8 August, 2003

In the past three years, a significant number of machines have been sold through private sale, brokers and on the used market. Many of the companies who have purchased this equipment are using the Fuji America 24 hour free services on a regular basis. Because the machine was not purchased from Fuji, in many cases not installed by Fuji and no training was done by Fuji, they have many questions and problems. All these questions and problems are using the services Fuji provides for customers that buy equipment directly from Fuji. To help absorb the increasing cost of this service, customers who have purchased equipment, but not from Fuji are being asked to pay a small fee. This will help offset the cost of the 24 hour support. If you purchase any new equipment or software from Fuji America, no fee is asked of you. This policy is not worldwide, it is just Fuji America Corporation. If you have any questions, please contact me directly. Best regards, Scott Wischoffer Fuji America Corporation

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