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Potato-bot | 13 August, 2003

Hello, i had this idea and i was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how to accomplish it. I would like to create a digital recording, like you would find on various keychains, or childrens toys (ex:tickle me elmo). The recording can be short, i just have no idea how to go about doing this, as i know nothing of electronics. Also i would like it to be powered by a potato. What do you guys think?

Any and all who can help me, will recieve their very own "potato-bot" free of charge in the mail. What parts do i need? Where do i get the parts? And how do i put it together?

Thanks in advance.

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Potato-bot | 14 August, 2003

Jeff- I would start in the great state of Idaho. They are the largest producer of potatos in North America. "Where you can be a spud".

Unfortunatly that is the extent of my contribution. Hopefully it is enough to garner me a Potato-Bot.

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Potato-bot | 14 August, 2003

All Potato-Bots need power. Look here for your source of potato powered power

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Potato-bot | 15 August, 2003

Assuming you are not looking into an orchestra sound with Bose loud speakers, you can play the melody with a buzzer creating sounds like the ones from cell phones. The melody has to be stored into a programmable device, such as an EPROM. In order to program the device, you will require a kit, like Basic Stamp, which you can buy from Digi-Key. This starter kit is about $ 200 and the EPROM just a few $ (the smallest is a 8 pin IC). The kit comes with a manual how to program your Micro Computer in Basic. You are ending up with only two components and may not require mounting the components on a board, but solder the potato power supply wires and the buzzer wire directly to the IC. The downside from this set up is, that the IC requires pretty exact 5 V. Dependent on what type of electrodes material you are using in the potato, you may get just 1.2 V. In other words, you will have to put 4 potatoes in series. If you become after that experience an electronic enthusiast, you may want to look into a subscription of Nuts & Volts Please don�t send me my free potato bot.

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Potato-bot | 15 August, 2003

If you Potato-Bot idea doesn't work-out, try this:

or this:

We prefer combustion [hairspray] type. A word to the wise, don't mix PVC and ABS pipe or glue.

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Potato-bot | 16 August, 2003

Jeff, I think I have a circuit that might do your trick.Send me your email address so i can send it on too you. Regards, mantis

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Potato-bot | 6 September, 2003

Hey guys, thanks for all your help. I'm determind to move forward with the potato-bot idea. Mantis, my email address is Thanks.

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Potato-bot | 8 September, 2003


I would suggest using lead-free solder and lead-free components. This would give your kit the "green label".

I dont want the sample if you this suggestion doesnt value add to your project

good luck

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