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Glass Plate for machine Calibration



Glass Plate for machine Calibration | 18 August, 2003

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Glass Plate & Glass Components to calibrate a Pick & Place machine.

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Glass Plate for machine Calibration | 18 August, 2003



Glass Plate for machine Calibration | 19 August, 2003

FUJI DUDE- You can purchase a Kit from IPC for verifying machine acceptability. IPC-9850 full kit with Components and boards, and such will set you back around $26,250 (member price). Just the glass board alone will cost you $3,800 (member Price).This is a new design and board just released this summer.

IPC related links below:,-N,-A,-A,-N50

Also the web site for the company making this:

Additional: Fuji Should be able to provide you with a similar board. I know Siemens has a glass PCB they use for Accuracy and mapping....But in the field they use and Al Board with precision lands. We always were Doinking the glass board and chipping them. We had specifically made from our board supplier a test board of FR4 with Tight tol on gold lands and a wide range of components at different angles. the components are stock.

Unfortunatly you did not spec why you needed a glass PCB. In most cases the precision Board with Precision components is over kill.


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Glass Plate for machine Calibration | 20 August, 2003

Coincidence? I just finished a glass calibration this morning on a P&P machine.

Excellent tool for precision calibration. Takes the guess work out of the process.

I would disagree with Cal's assessment. His calibration methods may work to suit his dimensional requirements for placement accuracy, along with his machine type, but you are the best to judge what your needs are. Example:

I need to place 12mil fine pitch, QFP304's 0201 chips all on the same machine. In my opinion, the fastest and most relaiable method is the glass plate method. Oh yeah, all this on a placement area of 21 X 16 inches!

Hope this helps

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Glass Plate for machine Calibration | 20 August, 2003

I guess we should differentiate between machine calibration, process reliability measurements and process capability study. For the machine calibration you use the machines own optical cameras, but for cpk or standard deviation you measure the placed glass slugs with a CMM. If you like to find out if the machine can place a 12 mil or 0201 component, you are better off with a test kit from Top-line for example. A glass slug with a 12 mil pattern or machined 0201 components are not the real world.

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