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Thermal Imaging Inspection


Thermal Imaging Inspection | 21 August, 2003

Does anyone out here remember the Advanced Research Technologies ISIS machine? It was fantastic at defect detection by seeing hotspots on difficult to troubleshoot boards. I know that Photon Dynamics bought out the ISIS technology from ART, but the trail goes dead there. They won't call me back. Does anyone remember this piece of equipment?

TIA, Jason Gregory

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Thermal Imaging Inspection | 21 August, 2003

Here's the transaction:

... but Photondynamics doesn't talk about a thermal imaging product.

On the other hand, nether does ART

We spoke to Jacques LaBelle at ART back in 2001.

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Thermal Imaging Inspection | 6 October, 2003

I was out at Photondynamics almost a year ago and saw the ISIS. It was very cool. I could be wrong, but I think photon let ISIS die, instead of selling the technology (as they did with the AOI and X-ray equipment.


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Thermal Imaging Inspection | 10 October, 2003

Hi Dave, so did I, two years ago. However, I got a brief demo by a former colleague, now representing ART thermal, functional test equipment in Mexico. You may want to contact J�rg at

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