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Colorless LEDs - Mix up

Ashok Dhawan


Colorless LEDs - Mix up | 11 September, 2003

We observed a manufacturing problem due to innovation in LED technology. The most new LED products are colorless and lights up in different colors only when powered. This is great feature , however, it has created new problem for manufacturers who are assembling PCBAs. We have had a number of incidents where we got LEDs of different specs mixed up and found the problem only when units were already built and tested. That was too late to know.

We like to know if someone has come up a solution or remedy for this problem.This can be solved by : color coding of housing, color dots or any other engraving or marking on housing ? Anyone who already know about it and advise ?

Best Regards

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Colorless LEDs - Mix up | 11 September, 2003

Why/how are they getting mixed up? You should figure that one out and fix it. As far as some type of coding, I believe that the supplier of the part would have to do that in there manufacturing process. You can "light them up" with an appropriate power supply and them mark them if you want.


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Colorless LEDs - Mix up | 22 September, 2003

You can use a meter in "diode mode" to illuminate an LED to check a batch. Hopefully your stock room doesn't open the container and poor them all into a bucket to be issued out to the floor.

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Colorless LEDs - Mix up | 3 October, 2003

Please check the leads length and polarity. The manf. of LEDs must have given some feature for distinguishing.

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