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Lead Free


Lead Free | 1 October, 2003

any one know of lead free seminars or training sessions tuned towards the training of implementing lead free processes on the shop floor

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Lead Free | 3 October, 2003

please tell the location where your factory is situated or you can go anywhere for the seminar.

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Lead Free | 3 October, 2003

I am looking for seminars in the Maryland Virginia area

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Lead Free | 7 October, 2003

Will Philadelphia Work? My SMTA colleagues and I are putting together a Q/A. We will be having a panel discussion on Lead free on Oct 29. The panel is made up of industry leaders. Aim Solder- David Suraski, Cookson/Alpha/Electronic Assembly Materials- Chrys Shea and Michael Marczi, Kyzen-Jim Farley, Creyr Innovations-Jim McLenaghan , and a few others. I have invited a few other Solder manufactueres and industry experts to sit in on the discussion. It should be informative.

Let me know if you can make it

Cal Driscoll

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Dennis O'Donnell


Lead Free | 17 October, 2003

Precision PCB Services, Inc. will be offering training and consultation for Lead Free Technology. We are in process of putting together our new class outlines. Outlines, pricing and details will be posted on our web site in November 2003. We will be offering classes in Implementing Lead Free Process for Manufacturing, Hand Soldering With Lead Free, and BGA Component Rework with Lead Free Solder. Contact Mark Capizzi at (408)436-4790, or keep tuned to our web site at: for details and updates.

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Ming Diaz


Lead Free | 24 October, 2003

Wish I had read your post sooner. Kester University gave a free seminar at Bethesda, MD 15 Oct. All day, food included, about Lead-Free Assembly. I went, it was worth the two hour drive. Call 800-253-7837 if you want future information.

Also the American Competitiveness Institute at Philadelphia Internation Airport offers a No-Lead training class. They are on the web as ACI or EMPF. I qualified as a J-Standard instructor there and they provide much good data. Hope this helps.

Ming Diaz Pax River, MD

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Lead Free | 27 October, 2003

Ming- You are correct ACI does have training...and aslo they will be working with the local SMTA for a lead free day on Nov 20th I think. Please contact Jeff Stong at They alao have a free session on Nov 4th where Kester and Metcal will do a Lead Free rework presentation.this is a two day event.

The Philadelphia Lead Free will be OCT 29 At 6:00.


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