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Silicone for bonding?

Jalinous Esfandayri


Silicone for bonding? | 1 October, 2003

Hi Everyone:

Does anyone know what the right silicone for bonding the pressure sensor bare die on PCB is? How do I prevent the fracture and keep good adhesive?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Jalinous Esfandyari Intelligent MEMS Design, Inc. (613) 254-8848

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Silicone for bonding? | 6 October, 2003

We ban silicone from our shop. It makes connections unsolderable.

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Silicone for bonding? | 6 October, 2003

In addition to our earlier comments, do not be misled into thinking that silicone materials, being rubbery, will transmit shock less. Nothing is farther from the truth. Many silicone rubbers are almost totally incompressible in the short time scale. Any mechanical energy imparted to it by a short duration shock will be dissipated almost entirely within the components, to their obvious detriment (super-bouncing ball effect, where almost no kinetic energy is dissipated in the rubber, allowing it to rebound multiple times).

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