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Staking wires??



Staking wires?? | 11 July, 2000

Our company is in the process of doing a modification to a board that requires running 3 wires. We would like to use tape dots over liquid adhesive because of the ease of removal and no mess. Can someone give me some manufactures of the tape dots? I have found them on one web page but that is all. I believe the ones i used at my last company were by brady but i can't seem to find them on there web site. Anyone have any other sources? Thanks.

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Re: Staking wires?? | 11 July, 2000

Low static Kapton dots are available from Shercon ( and through many distributors like com-kyl. Purpose specific dots are available from Circuit Technology Center as TD-250 Tape Dots. ( Consider also The Preleg Wire system. This is standard teflon insulated jumper wire with a hot melt glue coating. You sort of iron it into place. John Thorup

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