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Dry Box



Dry Box | 3 November, 2003

Can anyone recommend a few dry box manufacturers? We are just now getting into moisture sensitive devices. Are there any specific differences in these products to watch our for? The parts we will be using are rated as level 4 in sensitivity. Can anyone make a recommendation for setting up traceability to ensure that the floor life has not been exceeded in production? Thanks John

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Dry Box | 3 November, 2003

Hi John,

There are different types of cabinets available with desiccants or Nitrogen/dry air. The best choice depends on many factors in your production environment. The most important consideration for level 4 components, is to make sure that your dry cabinet can maintain 5% RH or less. If you want to contact me offline I can give you more information and maybe recommend a few suppliers for your consideration.

To answer your second question, in the past companies have been trying to keep track of exposure time with manual procedures and paper log sheets but there were many shortcomings to this approach. Now there are automated tracking systems available and I would be pleased to give you more information on this subject as well. You can also find a lot of technical information on the subject of Moisture Sensitive Components in the MSD Knowledge Base at

Best Regards,

Francois Monette Cogiscan Inc. Tel : 450-534-2644

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Kevin McCarten


Dry Box | 11 November, 2003


Our company supplies Dry Boxes specifically deisgned for the electronics manufacturing environment. We have a variety of products that are capable of handling the various loads that you may request of them (ie; frequently acessed production floor cabinet Vs. rarely accessed stock room storage).

I would invite you to visit our website at where you can download our 12 page catalog or even better consider giving us a call at 1-866-306-5480 so that we can specifically discuss your application and determine what the best fit would be, taking all into consideration.

Kind Regards,

Kevin McCarten

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Dry Box | 12 November, 2003

There is also McDry storage cabinets offered through Seika Machinery.

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Dry Box | 17 November, 2003

Not too sure about that compressed air idea....

How dry is the air? Will it be monitored for moisture content? Given that the air IS dry enough (less than 5% RH) You will have to supply compressed air 24hrs per day, without any disruption in flow. This will certainly have an ongoing associated cost.

Any disruptions in DRY air supply that go on longer than 1 hour may cause short term duration exposure rules to come into effect, causing possible disruptions to production schedules down the line, or even worse; defects.

Desiccant dry cabinets are safe, and simple. Set an alarm; just to be safe and sure that the RH stays below the 5%, fill and forget....

If the only objective is to reduce moisture inexpensively (without concern for "what if" scenarios...) then you could use a basic box with a light bulb installed (Easy Bake concept). However you'll have to be comfortable not knowing what the RH levels will be, how long will it take to recover after being filled with saturated goods, etc....

Just some thoughts on 'rigging up' solutions to protect valuable MSD inventory.

Automatic dry cabinets that maintain less than 5% RH can be had for less than $ 3000.00, and of course the larger the cabinet required, then presumably the higher the value of inventory to protect.......

Kind Regards,

Kevin McCarten Toyo Living Dry Cabinets

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