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H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question



H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question | 3 November, 2003

We are having a few problems with one of the tanks --possibly a drain clog issue. It is full enough to drip over. I'm waiting for a non-production opportunity to take it down and look under the catch screens. This is the lowest cascaded tank in which the rinse water jets the boards just prior to the blower/dryer modules.

Does anybody have one of these --and have had a similar issue?

Thanks, Bill

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H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question | 11 November, 2003

Bill, have you found the problem yet? We have been experiencing the same problem on our H-500C, and have found some clogging in the drain from build up caused by the de-foamer we use. Once cleared, the problem went away.

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H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question | 24 November, 2003

Sorry for the long delay in response.. As it turns out, the float switch on our transfer station was gummed up (probably by the defoamer residue) and allowed the transfer station to get behind (backing up the gravitational flow of the wash system). Once the water height was above the wash level, the water had no where to go in a hurry and the water spilt over.. Luckily, we have a spill-trap surrounding the wash which captured the 'leaking'.

Since then, we've setup our wash to use a little of the fresh water (filter/recycled) in the wash modules --rather than just in the final rinse. This required a balance with a slight amount of direct draining into the transfer-station. The result has been positive as we are seeing clearer water (no foam) in the pre-wash and wash modules. The filtration system is able to provide the required final rinse pressure and volume --while refilling the wash tanks (as long as the transfer station can keep up).

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H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question | 27 March, 2004

Just wondering, what kind of dryer blowers does your wash have? Ours our Sonic 100c --and we have had problems with belt and bearing failures. Mostly due to water cooling problems, belt tension and worn/damaged pulleys. We are getting a handle on it --but find it to be somewhat ongoing. Wondering if you've encountered any problems and what your solutions may have been.

Regards, Bill

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