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Wastewater Issues with Saponifiers


Wastewater Issues with Saponifiers | 5 November, 2003

Although the supplier of our saponifier claims their product is safe to go down the drain, our local wastewater code will not allow affluent with a pH >9.0. In it's spent form (from a batch cleaner) the cleaning solution is at a pH of 10.1.

Luckily, we are setup with a holding tank and have an oppurtunity to treat the stuff before sending to drain. My question is, what is the easiest way to adjust pH without spending serious $$?

I would like to hear from folks with direct experience.


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Mike Konrad


Wastewater Issues with Saponifiers | 6 November, 2003

Consider adding measured amounts of muriatic acid to the holding tank. Muriatic acid is used as a pH reducer and is available at pool supply stores. An alternative to muriatic acid is granular sodium bisulfate, also available at some pool supply stores.

Mike Konrad

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Wastewater Issues with Saponifiers | 6 November, 2003

Add some orange juice! Seriously, with a high PH adding almost any form of acidic soluble material will bring it down


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Wastewater Issues with Saponifiers | 7 November, 2003

stop it russ, everybody knows saponifier tastes better with vinegar

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