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Problem with Siemens HS180

Libor Kavan


Problem with Siemens HS180 | 12 November, 2003

Hallo, I bought placer Siemens HS180 and I have a problem, it doesn't work :-( When software in HS180's computer starts, computer displays some error of BASIC interpreter. Line computer is OK. I haven't any documentation,so I don't know what error numbers means. Could anybody help me to find a problem? BTW:Do you know if exists some control software for PC platform? Thank you very much for help...

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Problem with Siemens HS180 | 12 November, 2003

Siemens has a web site where you may have a better answer to your question. Regards!

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Problem with Siemens HS180 | 13 November, 2003

The Siplace web-site will not help you very much, because the HS 180 does not belong to the Siplace line. All the older Siemens machines operate with HP Basic and the computer hardware can't even be replaced with DOS based PC's. Dependent what type of computer hardware you are using, you boot either from dual floppy drive or from a hard-drive. The dual floppy drive is particular sensitive to give up after many years of use. Either the floppy itself or the reading heads get dirty and the files are not readable. The error number, which appears on the screen is not a number Siemens created, but HP. I've not checked out the Hewlett Packard website, but that is where I would start to look for error 80 (example). The error message is followed by a line number, which is meaningless, because when the software doesn't boot it may get stuck anywhere. However, the boot sequence is 1. HP Basic, then Autost (can be compared with Dos Autoexec) and then HSxxx. You could take the floppies to your line computer to see, if the files can be read by the line computer's floppy drive. If luck doesn't help you, you may contact me under

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Libor Kavan


Problem with Siemens HS180 | 15 November, 2003

I would like to ask you,if software in line computer and software for HS180's computer must be the same version or if versions of these softs are dependent on each other. Becouse error 154 (string is too long) occurs after transfer machine data from line computer to HS180. Please help me, I need to start my machines as soon as possible. Thanx.

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Problem with Siemens HS180 | 17 November, 2003

The version numbers of the software are not the same. There are too many software versions out there to tell you the right match. Some of the latest software requires firmware upgrade on the axis control cards. If you go by the release date, the station software should not be newer, than the line computer software. However, if the software crashes while sending the machine data, you may have problems with your machine address. (address switch of the HPIB card). Your line computer may be sending machine data for a glue machine, if line computer and station never played together. Note, that the machine data for the machine are stored in the line computer. If the machine data are lost, you are looking at least into one day service. I fear this goes a bit beyond the purpose of this forum. You will require a service call.

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Problem with Siemens HS180 | 22 November, 2003

So, I have a documentation and service manulal for HS180 now. I checked HPIB addresses, it is all right. But I found, that I cannot edit whole config and machine data. In manual is written, that all datas you can edit during first instalation only. If needed edit them sometime later, you have to STOP software and set inbetriebnahme flag to 1 and then CONTinue soft and then it allows full editing. But if I write inbetriebnahme=1, system displays error 910 state not found. Please, could you help me, how to activate full config editing? BTW:I tried to mail you privatelly, but maybe you hadn't received it.. Thank you very much...

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Problem with Siemens HS180 | 24 November, 2003

Press shift and clear line. You will be asked for the password. Dependent on software version it is either geheim or mirror. After Password entry, you should be able to edit config and machine data.

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