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2-sided Process

Mark Charlton


2-sided Process | 10 July, 2000

I know it's been brought up a thousand times before but after an hour of searching the archives I'm taking a short-cut.

When processing one side of a double-sided assembly with adhesive, should the adhesive side be processed first or should "side" complexity be the deciding factor. I've always processed the adhesive side first (successfully) and am catching some flak for it. Your opinions will be regarded highly as usual.

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Re: 2-sided Process | 10 July, 2000

Mark, As far as what is the correct way; No Harm, No Foul! Adhesive bonding is more susceptible to damage caused in transportation of product; even from one side of the building to the other. This is why it is general practice to run it last��Smaller timeframe to get damaged. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Brian W.


Re: 2-sided Process | 12 July, 2000

I have done both. If you have a line that runs both sides in none pass, running the adhesive side first allows you to have one less machine or station for board flipping. If you have to move the board from one line to another, or back to the front of the line, handling becomes a major issue; ie, slant racks, magazines etc. Your selection of adhesive can also impact this. Some of the evaluations I have done show a difference in the bonded strength of the adhesive, which can reduce some handling induced errors (missing parts).

Hope this helps, Brian

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