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audio | 23 November, 2003

i want to design and build my own audio system. i am 12 years old and have been interested in all kinds of electronics for about 4 years. nobody wants to talk to me as i am a kid. i have a very good knowledge of electronics and my parents dont listen to me. can anyone please hear me and give me the support that i need? thanks Josh

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audio | 24 November, 2003


Check this site:

They have a lot of forums and one is electronic projects.

Your question may already be answered.


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audio | 25 November, 2003


Google electronics hobby

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audio | 25 November, 2003

I've got lots of questions: 1.- What kind of support are you seeking? - Web URLs, books, technical advice, etc?? 2.- What is the scope of your project - an audio system can be small or huge? 3.- What are your technical specifications (watts per channel, input levels and impedances, controls needed, power supply, etc.)? 4.- What resources do you have (access to tools, design software, parts, PCBs)? 5.- Why do you suppose your parents don't listen to you?

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