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Solder defect problem.

Al Capone


Solder defect problem. | 27 November, 2003

Has anyone in this forum experience the can soldering defect? The can component is supposed to be placed on top of a group of RF components to protect the frequency from escaping and interfere with the adjacent RF component. After the reflow process, there are opens which can be seen by the naked eye. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Solder defect problem. | 1 December, 2003

Hey, I thought you were in the BIG house on some trumped-up tax rap.

We use many RF shields each month. Generally, the shields are not plated and made of alloy 770 (or alloy 752), half hard temper, as the base material. * Alloy 770; 55%Cu, 27%Zn, 18%Ni, seems to be most common in US sources. * Alloy 752; 69%Cu, 17%Zn, 18%Ni, seems to be most common with Asian sources.

That you are getting poor solder flow on the edges of the shield can be have a variety of causes [ie, corroded part, weak flux, poorly activated flux, not enough heat, etc]. Got any pix?

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Daniel Werkhoven


Solder defect problem. | 2 December, 2003

Dear Al, did you developed the survivel pil? As manufacturer of paste we can evaluate the solderability of your components.If you can organise us 10 samples, then we do the rest.Send me a mail to get my adress. Best regards, Daniel

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