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TDK RX11 Machine



TDK RX11 Machine | 1 December, 2003

Any one know about TDK RX11 machines? I have a servo problem with "C" axis. I'll apreciate any one help! Tks! M.S.

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ex maintain leader


TDK RX11 Machine | 2 December, 2003

Sory for you, I made my experiences at Siemens Fuji and Panasonic, but describe your problem please more detaied.

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TDK RX11 Machine | 3 December, 2003

Basically the problem detail is, can't read the encoder reader from the motor, I swap the servo pack, the controler cards from the pc, the output cards from the plc, the motor and still have the problem!

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TDK RX11 Machine | 4 December, 2003

Hi Marco, most likely your axis has two limit switches and possibly a home sensor. Limit switches are NC and in case of bad connection or wire break the axis will not move, no matter how many cards you swap.

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Michael N


TDK RX11 Machine | 9 December, 2003

What error message are you getting with your C Axis problem? Check the battery pack on the right hand side in the front it seems to me that probaly your losing your data. BE CAREFUL NOT TO REMOVE THE BATTERY WHEN THE MACHINE IS OFF, IF NOT YOU'LL HAVE TO RETEACH ALL YOUR FLOATING ORIGIN DATA..(learned that from experience)

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TDK RX11 Machine | 15 December, 2003

Found a PLC output missing (PLC damage) machine O.K. Thanks to all involved!

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