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MPM3000 vs 3050


MPM3000 vs 3050 | 5 December, 2003

Hi, I'm wondering if someone could tell me what's the diference between those two printer MPM3000 and MPM3050 ?

I've search on their web site but I only see info on the model 3000.

Thank You

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MPM3000 vs 3050 | 5 December, 2003

The UP3000 & UP3050 are the same machine. The "3050" denotes an options set. The current model is an UltraFlex 3000, which replaced the UltraPrint 3000 series.

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MPM3000 vs 3050 | 6 December, 2003

3000 base model 3010 adds feature 3020 adds features 3030 adds features 3040 adds features of the line

Sorry I don't have the feature list. It's things like Environmental control unit, under stencil wiper, stencil exchanger, 2d inspection, 3d inspection....that nature.

Good machine.I had the 3rd oldest machine in use (world wide).

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MPM3000 vs 3050 | 10 December, 2003

The UP3000 is the generic name for the model series. The UP3050 has the following options as standard features on the machine: Vacuum Stencil Wiper Paste Dispenser Auto Pin Placement Auto Stencil Change 2D Inspection 3D Inspection

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