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Image Intensifier for X-Ray



Image Intensifier for X-Ray | 15 December, 2003

I'm looking for an Image Intesifier for an X-Ray equipment. X-Ray Image Intesifier Info:

Make: North American Imagine Model: AI5844JP If any have info. please reply. Thanks in advanced!

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Image Intensifier for X-Ray | 17 December, 2003

North American Imaging has a website at maybe you can contact them for a rebuild? Hope this helped.

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Image Intensifier for X-Ray | 18 December, 2003

Thanks! But I'm looking for a used or out of service machine.

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Todd La Marche


Image Intensifier for X-Ray | 19 December, 2003

Hi Marco,

Possibly I can help you. What is the spec for this II? Is it 6", 4", 4/2". If you can give me this data, I am sure that I can get you one.


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