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Europlacer users



Europlacer users | 17 December, 2003

Are there any Europlacer users out there placing Molex 25-way upright connectors. We try to, but with varying success. I would be interested to know what nozzle types, axis speeds, etc. anyone else is utilising.

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Europlacer users | 17 December, 2003

Not a europlacer user, but on our Philips Gem, we use a gripper nozzle for the upright molex conn. We found that using a standard vac nozzle negated both the speed of travel from feeder to PCB and the placement accuracy, as the connector moved on the nozzle as it flew at speed. (connectors came with a sticky disk attached to top for use of standard 3mm nozzle). We spent a lot of time working this issue and a gripper nozzle was the best of a bad lot at 80% pick & mount speeds. Kev

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David Fenton


Europlacer users | 30 December, 2003

We may be able to help you with placing your connector. Please give a call at 603-489-0020

David Fenton Customer Support Manager Europlacer USA

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