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Gerber Data Extraction



Gerber Data Extraction | 19 December, 2003

Hello, I am in need of a tool that will use Gerber data and extract the placement data, etc. for part placement. I have searched the posts here and on other boards and haven't found anything real recent regarding this, and I am hoping there is a new tool available at a reasonable cost. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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SMT Eng 1001


Gerber Data Extraction | 19 December, 2003

I recently found a company that will take the Gerber data and create full Documentation and machine programs from Gerber. The cost is extremely reasonable, so much so, that I have been having them do all of our work. I cannot even do the work myself using one of the expensive software tools for what they charge or in the time they get it done.

e-mail me and I will pass along the info.

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Gerber Data Extraction | 31 October, 2004

GerberGrab does exactly this, and it's low cost, and you can use it for a month for free. It is a sophisticated but easy to use reverse engineering tool which will automatically generate top / bottom BOMs with placement and rotation after teaching of one instance of each of the shapes. It has many other features, such as the ability to load a scanned image of the board as a background for cross checking of the Gerber / Bom and placement list / physical PCB. It also handles HPGL2 input / output.

Please visit for more information.

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Gerber Data Extraction | 2 November, 2004

Smart Sonic has an entry level component to our StencilScan AOI system called the Assembly Module GT. The Assembly Module GT is low cost and will get the job done. Plus, the Assembly Module GT can be upgraded easily to the other Assembly Module products that include the ability to scan boards, create Gerber data & placement data, ability to scan components and create vision files for placement machines, first article inspection, etc.

There is some information on our web site: or please contact me if you have any questions.

Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation Tel: 1(818) 610-7900 E-mail: Web:

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Gerber Data Extraction | 3 November, 2004

I would also like to get some info on that gerber data extraction tool from "SMT Eng 1001". I been using CircuitCam.

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