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Kleenox | 30 December, 2003


I am curious to know who manufactures kleenox for de-drossing wave solder pot. I do appreciate a contact/telephone info about mid-west distributors.

thanks MP

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Kleenox | 30 December, 2003

Here in California I get Super Deox from Bertech-Kelex, 1-800-882-8665.


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Kleenox | 30 December, 2003

>Kleenox "P" is manufactured for Electrovert Assembly and Production aids >part # OR-904P >Speedline / Electrovert >HQ Camdenton, MO 65020 > 1-573-346-3341

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Kleenox | 30 December, 2003

Just a moment of 'hair-splitting', Klennox does NOT reduce the amount of dross, it reduces the amount of solder in the dross. Look here:

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Kleenox | 8 January, 2004

It was manufactured by Qualitek for E-Vert for a long time. I don't know if they still do. Electroverts name for the material was Kleenox and Qualitek's was Super Deox. I have some Super Deox for sale. My phone number is 330-724-3333.

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Kleenox | 12 January, 2004

We have it on the shelf. New Hampshire 603-437-4651

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Sue DeLadi


Kleenox | 14 January, 2004

The current manufacturer for the Kleenox P is Alpha Metals. Qualitek International was the first manufacturer of Kleenox P and provided the product to Electrovert/APA. The Qualitek product is Super Deox 1. We believe the formulation was changed in between the original Qualitek Kleenox P and the Alpha Metals Kleenox P. We stock both products in Minnesota at Tonka Electronics, Inc. (952) 831-8969.

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