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SRS | 6 January, 2004

Is there other Solder Recovery System manufacturers besides Earth-Tronics/Technical Device? What is a typical solder recovery rate? Is it sound fair to recover 60% of solder from dross by weight?

thanks Matthew

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SRS | 7 January, 2004

Until others respond, consider searching the fine SMTnet Archives for existing threads on SRS.

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SRS | 7 January, 2004

Bliss Industries has been offering a complete system for years. Our Solder Recovery system allows the operator to remove dross and solder safely, service the pump and contain all the fumes. The solids ends up in a drum ready for recycling. The dust and fumes end up in a HEPA filter. check it out

Hope this helps Ken Bliss

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SRS | 11 October, 2004


Please visit my website for up to date news on the EVS Solder Recovery System and news on LEAD FREE



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